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WTVP Productions

In our state-of-the-art studio facility or on location, WTVP Productions is your one-stop shop. Contact William Baker, 309-677-4747 or email to schedule your production, or the Ku truck operator, 309-696-5288, to schedule your uplink.
  • High-definition field production and editing
  • Multiple-camera studio production
  • Mobile television production
  • Mobile Ku-band uplink facility
  • 24p SD and HD acquisition
  • Standard-definition field production and editing
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • DVD authoring / Web production
  • Highly knowledgeable and creative staff

Production Demos
For a view of what we can do for you, take a look at our production demo video or other samples of our work, HERE on the following pages!


Video samples are in the following formats - WindowsMedia 9 and QuickTime - Click to download free players.

Mobile Production Unit
WTVP Productions operates a mobile production truck that features five cameras, multiple tape decks, servers for slo-mo sports replay, 24 channels of audio, digital video effects and more. Perfect for indoor and outdoor sports coverage, musical performances, telethons and political events.  Our mobile unit is the ideal solution for your on-location shoots.
  • 34' truck-mounted production facility features:
  • 2 Ikegami HK-355 studio cameras
  • 44x1 Fujinon lenses
  • 3 Ikegami HL-55 handhelds
  • 14x1 & 18x1 lenses
  • Studio configuration for all cameras
  • All Triax - 4000' available
  • Grass Valley Switcher
  • Pairs well with satellite truck
  • Beta SP tape record/playback
  • Servers with DNF control for replay
  • 24 input audio console
  • Grass Valley DVE
  • Abekas still store
  • Chyron DigiScribe
  • 3 channel IFB
  • Sportscaster headsets
  • Clock cams
  • Driver /EIC / optional crew

Ku Satellite Uplinking
WTVP Productions has been providing satellite uplinking services throughout the U.S. for more than 15 years. The original truck was replaced in 2002 with a new Frontline, analog/digital vehicle that stands ready for your interconnection needs our site or yours.  Contact the operator to schedule, 309-696-5288.
  • Fully redundant Ku Analog system
  • Dual path digital feed capability
  • DirecTV return
  • Multi-channel audio
  • Pairs well with mobile production truck
  • Live location feed
  • Beta SP editing
  • Tape Feeds
  • Highly skilled and flexible technician
  • Optional camera crew available

Studio Facility
Conveniently located just off I-74 in downtown Peoria, the WTVP Digital Broadcast Center is the choice for your full studio production, pre-production and post-production needs. In addition to full technical set-up, WTVP Productions also offers dressing rooms, a green room, office space and equipment, and catering upon request.
The Studio
The studio was designed by world-renowned studio creators Rees & Associates and engineered to be soundproof and rock-solid against any vibration, the WTVP Studio features a fixed cyclorama, a state-of-the-art lighting system constructed by Grand Stage of Chicago, and a 10-foot door for large vehicles and sets. Studio specifications:
  • 55' x 75'

  • 18' grid

  • Hard wall cyc

  • Corner drapes

  • Comprehensive studio lighting

  • Ramped entrances

  • Scene shop

  • Optional crew

  • DMX control

Post Production
The Studio Facility also houses state-of-the-art equipment and talented professionals for post-production needs. WTVP Productions offers:
  • Non-linear SD Avid Editing
  • Non-linear HD Avid|DS Editing
  • Web video content production
  • Professional DVD authoring

Field Production
Set to go for both standard and high-definition productions, WTVP Productions meets all your on-location needs. Our experienced professionals have the equipment and expertise to make you look your best no matter where your production takes you.
  • SDTV and HDTV ready
  • HDCAM, Betacam-SP and HDV / DV acquisition
  • Full field lighting compliment
  • Field audio
  • Mini-Jib

Contact William Baker, 309-677-4747 or email to schedule your production, or the Ku truck operator, 309-696-5288, to schedule your uplink.

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